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Natural Young Cosmetics

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Natural Young Cosmetics is suitable for teenagers. Adolescents have different skin conditions with adults. Teen skin is more prone to acne and oily. This is because teenagers have high hormones. Teenagers are in its infancy and this is what causes teens to get the right beauty products. Here are some famous products that fit the skin condition of teenagers.


This is a brand of cosmetics that have been launched for several years. This brand is made by PT Paragon Technology and Innovation to meet cosmetics with the halal label. These cosmetics are made with advanced technology and are supervised by dermatologists and cosmetic experts. The company has produced high-quality beauty products. All these products meet health standards. The company’s skin care products consist of CC cream, moisturizer, makeup removers, and so on.


This is a famous brand that is widely used by celebrities. This company has had experience since 1998. The development of this product is assisted by cosmetic experts from Europe. Inez also has a variety of products such as makeup tools consisting of lipstick, powder, eyeshadow, and so forth. There are many other products such as facial toner, anti-acne, whitening, and so forth.

Make Over

This product is also suitable for teenagers. This brand is often used for makeup in fashion show shows, television, and so forth. This brand has a complete range of products for your face such as translucent powder, perfect cover two-way cake, and so forth. You can buy Natural Young Cosmetics at online and offline stores.


Professional Artist Cosmetic is a famous brand created by Martha Tilaar. This brand can meet your needs to get beauty products with high quality and meet international standards. PAC is widely used by makeup artist because the look of this makeup looks artistic. This cosmetic product consists of loose powder, lipstick, face coloring powder, and shimmering powder. This product is often used for bridal makeup or daily use because this makeup can last long and does not make your skin becomes oily.

Caring Colors

Martha Tilaar Group also has Caring Colors. This is a brand that is supported by a beauty doctor with plenty of experience. This brand uses only natural ingredients such as mulberry extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, collagen, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. It will beautify your skin. If you have dry lips, then you can buy lip balm from this brand to make you beautiful. Lip balm will provide nutrients for your lips.


This is a brand that has a simple and fun concept. Teens can use this product because this product has an affordable price. This brand not only removes cosmetics but also skin care products. You can buy SPF to protect your skin. Emina has a mild formula that is suitable for teen acne skin.


It is a perfect beauty by utilizing the beautiful and beautiful ethnic colors. The company has survived for several years because of its complete makeup collection. The eyeshadow colors of this brand also look strong. You can also buy a range of skin care products to get the healthy and vibrant skin.

Brun Brun

This is a brand new direct selling in the market because it has an affordable price and good quality. Consumers like the lipstick of this brand because it has three functions. Lipstick can be used for lips, cheeks, and eyes so you do not need to buy a separate product for your face. This brand also sells masks and BB cream. The mask is sold in sachet form so you can try various masks of this brand that match your skin. These brands are sold online and offline so you can buy these brands in various places. Those are some brands for Natural Young Cosmetics.

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