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Natural Cosmetics Products

Posted by on May 23, 2018 in Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics Products – If you love natural products for your face, then you will not find it difficult to find Natural Cosmetics Products because there are many companies that sell natural products. Natural products definitely fit your skin because these products do not contain ingredients that are harmful to the face and body. Here are some products that use natural ingredients for all beauty products.

Mineral Botanica

This is a well-known brand that provides complete skin care for women. This brand uses social media for promotional means. This brand also has unique packaging so you will be interested to buy this product. This brand has a matte lipstick that can moisturize your lips.

Polka Beauty

This product is suitable for energetic and active young women. Polka Beauty released in 2015 but this product has become popular. The mainstay concept of this product is lip lacquer. Lipstick can make your lips look healthy because the basic ingredients of the lipstick are water. Water can stick perfectly on your lips.

Mustika Ratu

This brand is always focused on providing beauty products with traditional ingredients and natural ingredients. This brand also has herbs that can be consumed by women. This brand has a product that can fertilize your hair and prevent hair loss. This brand also provides herbal medicine to lower cholesterol. The women love the masks of this brand because it is made from traditional herbs.

Viva Cosmetics

The brand was founded in 1962. Viva is a renowned beauty product brand that exists in this country. Modern women still choose this brand because this brand always presents a complete range of beauty products. The women love the palettes of this cosmetic because it has a complete color. Viva is one of the Natural Cosmetics Products that get a lot of trust from consumers. The company also has a good reputation.

Bali Alus

Indonesia has abundant natural wealth in various islands so there are many companies that utilize the natural wealth to make health and beauty products. This makes the brand known to the public. This brand is also exported to many countries.

Mustika Puteri

The main target of this brand is teenagers because teenagers have sensitive skin. This brand removes acne cleaning products. There are several other products such as cologne, perfume, deodorant, and so forth.


This brand is produced by Gloria Origita Cosmetics located in Bogor. This is a flagship product that was awarded as The Best Top Award Brand 2010. The award makes you no doubt about the greatness of this product. Purbasari has a variety of products that are useful for your skin.

Moor’s Professional

This is a local brand preferred by consumers. This brand matches the Asian skin type. This cosmetic has a beautiful and attractive color. The color of the eyeshadow illustrates that Indonesia has various tribes. Each tribe has cultural differences. The color of woven fabric from the island will amaze you.

LT Pro

PT Rembaka sold this brand in 2006. LT Pro has supported major events held in several countries. LT Pro has a great foundation. The Foundation has a color that suits your skin. You will see the greatness of the foundation.

Belia Martha Tilaar

Teenagers can entrust beauty products to this brand. This brand has been sold in the market since 1992 so you will not doubt the quality of this brand. Adolescents who have acne problems can rely on this product because this brand also provides special care for acne. The problem of acne on your face will disappear without a trace. You will feel smooth, bright, and clean facial skin.

That’s a quick review of Natural Cosmetics Products. Hopefully, these reviews can help you to choose beauty products that suit your skin type so you do not have to be afraid to look beautiful every day.

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