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Natural Cosmetics Manufacturers

Posted by on May 23, 2018 in Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics Manufacturers – There are so many natural cosmetics manufacturers in the world. For people who want to have healthier skin, they usually want to use natural cosmetics. You can find so many types of natural cosmetics today. But, have you decided the best brand or manufacturer which the products you will choose? Actually, there are some brands included into top natural cosmetic brands. You can choose one of recommended natural cosmetics manufacturers below to get high quality natural cosmetics.

Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula first established in 1937. It means that Physicians Formula has produced trusted and high quality cosmetics since long time ago. The founder of Physicians Formula, Dr. Frank has married with a woman who has allergy. It motivated him to create cosmetic manufacturer that always produces healthy cosmetics. So until today, every cosmetic from Physician Formula is free of paraben, irritants, gluten, fragrance, and cruelty. Because of made from 100% natural ingredients, every cosmetic from Physical Formula is safe to be used by every person. Some best-selling products from Physicians Formula are jumbo lash mascara, CC cream, and tinted moisturizer.

RMS Beauty

Same with Physician Formula, RMS Beauty always produces cosmetics that made from 100% natural formula or ingredients. You don’t need to worry for buying RMS Beauty’s products, because this brand always offers high quality products that are free of chemicals, gluten, cruelty, soy, nano, GMO, synthetic vitamin, and artificial preservatives. RMS Beauty product can be your recommendation, especially if you have sensitive skin. A recommended product you can choose from RMS Beauty is the “Un” Cover-up and Lip2Cheek stains. There are still many products released by RMS Beauty. You can try the product based on your need.

Fat and the Moon

Fat and the Moon is one of popular natural cosmetics manufacturers. It offers healthy and high quality cosmetics products made from natural ingredients, such as sunflower oil, natural colorants, beeswax, and other natural formula. It not only offers cosmetics made from natural formula, but also offers cosmetics that are free of parabens, cruelty, and chemical. There are so many cosmetic types produced by Fat and the Moon. Some best-selling products from Fat and the Moon are face and body cream, pit cream, tooth polish, natural eye coal, and lip and cheek stains. You can choose cosmetics from Fat and the Moon without any doubt, because every cosmetic is high quality and healthy.

ILIA Beauty

Actually, there are so many manufacturers that produce high quality natural cosmetics, such as ILIA Beauty. ILIA Beauty focuses on producing cosmetics that can improve epidermis’s health. So, ILIA Beauty produces cosmetics made from certified organic bioactive botanicals. Certified bioactive botanicals can rejuvenate and nourish the skin. So, you don’t have to be doubt for using ILIA Beauty products because every product made from certified formula. There are so many cosmetic products produced by ILIA Beauty, such as foundation, lipstick, translucent powder, illuminators, and many more.

Mineral Fusion

Mineral Fusion is also top manufacturer that offers high quality make up. This manufacturer always focuses on producing makeup made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. Every cosmetic product is free of parabens, talk, fragrance, cruelty, gluten, talc, and artificial colors. So, every product is safe to use. There are so many products have been produced by Mineral Fusion, such as eye shadow, eye liners, mascara, blush, concealers, blonzers, and many more. Mineral Fusion also offers skin care, hair care, body care, and nail polish products. Whenever you want to buy high quality natural cosmetic, you can choose cosmetics from Mineral Fusion. Choosing cosmetic from natural cosmetics manufacturers is the best choice to care for your skin.

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