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Natural Cosmetics Indonesia

Posted by on May 23, 2018 in Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics Indonesia – Are you interested in using cosmetics made in Indonesia? If so, you have to try natural cosmetics Indonesia. In Indonesia, there are so many cosmetics companies that use natural ingredients for their cosmetics products. It is a chance for you to try natural cosmetics that are made from high quality natural ingredients. Finally, you will have healthy and beautiful skin after using natural cosmetics Indonesia. What are natural cosmetics brands in Indonesia? Here are some recommended natural cosmetics brands in Indonesia you can choose:

The Bath Box

The first recommended cosmetic brand in Indonesia is The Bath Box. It sells cosmetic product directly on website. You can choose cosmetics from The Bath Box based on your need. Actually, The Bath Box offers so many cosmetics and skin care products. The use of natural ingredients in every product makes cosmetics from The Bath Box can be your best choice to care for your skin. The Bath Box not only offers cosmetics made from natural ingredients, but also cosmetics that are free of chemical, paraben, and other harmful substances. Some products of The Bath Box are best-selling product. If you feel confuse to choose cosmetics from The Bath Box, you can try the Clay-opatra Pink Clay Mask, Lavender Surprise Face Scrub, and Goats Don’t Lie Liquid Soap.

Utama Spice Bali

Bali is so popular. Actually, there is cosmetic brand in Bali that offers natural cosmetic. The brand is Utama Spice Bali. It offers cosmetics products made from 100% pure natural ingredients. There are so many cosmetic products offered by Utama Spice Bali, such as masks, serums, lotions, and many more. Utama Spice Bali employs majority of local, young, and independent women in Bali to create best natural cosmetics. With affordable price, you can choose some cosmetics to be bought. Natural ingredients of Utama Spice Bali cosmetic will also give so many positive effects to your skin and face.

Skin Dewi

If you search for high quality skincare product, you can choose cosmetics and skincare product from Skin Dewi. Skin Dewi is a brand that produces natural cosmetic and skincare. Every product made from pure and natural ingredients, so it will not give side effect to your skin. There are so many types of cosmetic produced by Skin Dewi, such as cleanser, serums, exfoliants, moisturizers, and many more. If you use natural cosmetics Indonesia routinely, you can have shining and beautiful skin that is free of skin problems.

Klen and Kind

It is other recommended natural cosmetic brand in Indonesia. Same with other brands mentioned before, Klen and Kind offers skincare products made from natural ingredients. Natural ingredients give enough nutrients for your skin. So, your skin will be healthier. Klen and Kind offers various skin care products, such as body mist, hair and body products, organic essential oil, and many more. If you want to try this product, you can try to use best-selling product from Klen and Kind. For example is body polish and dry shampoo from Klen and Kind. Their body polish and dry shampoo have amazing smell.

Sensatia Botanicals

Sensatia Botanicals can be found in Bali. But, it doesn’t mean that you just can get it in Bali. Sensatia Botanicals products have been sold in various regions. You can also get it from online website. Sensatia Botanicals offers various cosmetics and skincare products, such as soap, scrub, and many more. One of must-try products from Sensatia Botanicals is Coffee and Cacao Brown Sugar Scrub.

There are still many natural cosmetics brands in Indonesia. But, the list above can be your reference whenever you want to try natural cosmetics Indonesia. So, hopefully the information about natural cosmetics Indonesia above is useful for you.

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