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Natural Cosmetics Distributors

Posted by on May 23, 2018 in Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics Distributors provides various cosmetic brands with natural ingredients for consumers. Everyone wants a clean beauty. This is because the women realize that synthetic chemicals will make the skin become irritated and aging quickly. You should be careful to choose cosmetics on the market. You must make sure that you buy natural cosmetics that are safe for your face.

Natural and Synthetic Cosmetics

There are many people who do not know the difference between the two products. Synthetic cosmetic products contain harmful chemicals called SLS and parabens. The researchers prove that your skin will absorb 64% of these chemicals. This is a great time to switch to natural cosmetics but the beauty industry in the United States does not have strict regulation so there are many synthetic cosmetics that have natural labels. This will endanger consumers. The researchers could not find the ingredients easily on the product.

The product should not obtain an organic label unless the product has a 95% formulation of organic material that does not contain pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and hormones. The product does not use nanoparticles, synthetic fragrances, parabens, and toxic chemicals. Cosmetic products can get an organic label when the product contains 70% organic matter. If you want to know which products are safe, then you can visit the online database and check the security rating of these beauty products.

Organic Cosmetics

Consumers should know that the organic cosmetics industry is growing every day. This also happens to Natural Cosmetics Distributors. These distributors sell various brands of organic cosmetics through hair care salons, retailers, pharmacists, and department stores. The distributor also has a target for retailers who sell organic products.

This is the most profitable industry today because all brands have launched organic products so the company needs the right distribution channels. If you sell organic products, your product must be certified by the Organic Program of the United States. This is an important certificate that can give consumers assurance that you are selling high-quality organic produce.


If you claim organic products containing 95% organic matter, then you should get a certificate from NOP. Claims for products made from 70% organic matter should also obtain a certificate from the agency. Companies can create cosmetic products from third parties with monitoring conducted by special teams. The company will perfect the production process to get the product with reasonable price and natural quality.

Cosmetic Production

Natural Cosmetics Distributors create cosmetic products for third parties that match the characteristics and types of clients. If you have a salon, then you can issue a special cosmetics with a complete range of care from this company. This company will help you to understand the nature and type of skin care products. The product will be specially designed for dry, oily, and normal skin. This product contains rosehip oil, snail secretion, argan oil, papaya, honey, and aloe vera. The company also adds special ingredients such as retinol, collagen, multivitamins, and vitamins.

Types and Characteristics of Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics have certain properties. This cosmetic can be well absorbed by your skin. It does not contain any chemicals. This cosmetic will not make your body get dangerous diseases. Maybe you are interested to buy cosmetics online with very high chemical content in a few drops but your body will reject the product.

You can get skin cancer or other diseases because of harmful cosmetics that do not have an official certificate. Organic matter is an ingredient grown without pesticides or chemicals. It is a safe material for food making and cosmetics. Maybe you do not know that the small and rough particles in the bath scrub are harmful to the environment. Such particles can pollute the environment. You should not believe in chemical products. You should buy a trusted beauty product at Natural Cosmetics Distributors.

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