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Natural Cosmetics Brands

Posted by on May 23, 2018 in Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics Brands – Are you a fan of organic beauty products? Well, you come to the right page anyway. Organic and natural products are indeed recommended particularly if you want to avoid any side effects after applying skin care. Besides, such products are also considered as safe for your health in general. Therefore, although you may need to pay more for them, this effort is just worth it. The term of natural or organic beauty product it refers to the use of natural and non-natural ingredients for the content. Besides, the manufacture process also adapts the manual or traditional methods to keep the nutrition. So, what are those natural cosmetic brands? Here they are.


As the name, this brand provides beauty products starting from skin care to cosmetics that are really natural without any chemical substances. Well, even it is also free from the artificial fragrance, coloring, and softener. How can it be? It is because 100% only takes the organic ingredients from fruits and plants. It extracts the essence of those plants to find the nutrition and antioxidant. The results are very good. If you use the products, it is claimed to give no side effects despite solving many skin problems. For anti-aging matter, 100% also gives you ultimate results.

W3LL People

W3LL People is another good brand of cosmetics and skin care with natural concept. For its natural ingredients as well as high safety standard applied, it has been granted by many awards from some beauty magazine. The ingredients used are mainly from Aloe Vera, chamomile, and organic green tea. Particularly for the cosmetics, it tends to smooth and treat your skin well even after the makeup has been removed. In other words, you can just beautify your face and treat your skin at the same time. The colors for eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, and others are also various. Slightly, it is not different from any other Natural Cosmetics Brands.

Sensatia Botanica

Sensatia Botanica must not be a new name if you have visited Bali before. Starting from a local brand, now, it is already able to compete with other products in the world. It provides many beauty products including skin care, hair treatment, and cosmetics. Meanwhile, even on the package has been mentioned that Sensatia Botanica doesn’t use ingredients from animals as well as free alcohol, paraben, sulfate, alcohol, and more. The fragrance applied is also from natural flowers. So, you should not worry to use them although they smell very good.


Innisfree is a Korean product in which the main ingredients are planted and developed on Jeju Island. There are some popular products like serum and mask from volcanic clay. More than that, it also offers some kinds of cosmetics and skin care that you should not miss out. The products are 100% made from organic and natural ingredients. Innisfree is also claimed to be free from alcohol and chemical subsatnce that can be dangerous for your health. For the same reasons, sensitive skin is also recommended to use them.


Caolion is another brand that doesn’t use any coloring, artificial fragrance, and alcohol in it. So, if your skin is really sensitive toward those three substances, this brand is undeniably for you. Despite being really popular for the skin care products, this brand also offers you hair treatment and cosmetics. Cosmetics from Caolion are not only really healthy and safe. It offers various colors to beautify your appearance more. Meanwhile, you can also treat your skin when the makeup is on your face. For those benefits, it is reasonable if this brand has been awarded by many beauty magazines and blogs.

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