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Posted by on May 23, 2018 in Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics Bali – Bali, despite being known as one of the best eastern tourism destinations, is also a place for many local producers of beauty products. Undeniably, Bali and other islands in Indonesia are rich of natural ingredients for skin and beauty treatments in general. Well, if you have a chance to visit this island in the near future, make sure to buy the products for natural treatments. So, what is among of them that are truly recommended? Here is the list.

Kou Bali

Kou Bali is actually a small shop located in Ubud. This shop is well-known to produce some organic products whether it is for foods or health and beauty treatments. One of the best products from Kou Bali is Sea Bath Salts and Soaps. Those products are made from 100% natural ingredients so that they are really safe and good for your skin. There are so many benefits after using those products. you can find your skin more refreshing and relaxed as well as they are moisturizing also. Well, the soaps and bath salts also smell good. But you must not worry; the fragrance is also made naturally from flowers and spices, not the artificial ones.

Blue Stone Botanicals

Blue Stone Botanicals offer you some beauty and health products including hair tonics, body oils, essential oils, soaps, and others. The most favorite one is the lemongrass body soap. As its name, you know it well that lemongrass must be the main ingredient used here. Of course, there are still other natural content blended like Aloe Vera, lemon, avocado, and other kinds of spices you may only find simply in Indonesia. The products are also processed traditionally based on Javanese and Balinese cultures. So, the benefits can also be felt more Natural Cosmetics Bali.

Utama Spice

This is another local brand that claims the products to be 100% natural. Well, if you visit this shop, you can find some great featured products like essential oils, body butter, lip balms, hair oils, and many more. Those beauty products offer you many benefits at once. They are good to keep your skin shiny and healthy. Besides, the essence is also helpful to moisturize the skin as well as solve some problems like dry skin, acne, and others. Interestingly, they are not only good for adults but also for kids. Of course, without any chemical substances there are less possibilities of irritation and others.

Cantika Zest Spa

Cantika Zest doesn’t only offer services for spa and beauty treatment. A shop is also available there for you who only want to buy the products. The products offered here are relatively the same with other Bali shops and brands. They are around soaps, bath salts, essential oil, shampoo, hair tonic, body butter, and the likes. Besides, all of them are also guaranteed to be 100% natural without any artificial or chemical substances even for the fragrance. The spices blended in those products are not only good for the beauty of your skin but also keep it healthy as well.

Sensatia Botanica

Just like another spa and brand of beauty products, Sensatia Botanica also promotes a healthy lifestyle by using it. a good thing about this brand is that it has more series of facial products. The face serums and healthy oils become the most featured ones here so that you need to try them. The serums are not only good to keep your face healthy and moisturized. They are also well-known for anti-aging ability with natural ingredients used. Of course, not only for face and body, Sensatia Botanica also makes available hair treatment products like shampoo and hair mask.

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